Enjoy the other half of your techniques 

by Roger Tibbetts

10 P's of Martial Arts by Roger Tibbetts

Remembering the Sip Sam Seh, author Roger Tibbetts

​   How I do it

Cutting the Grass, author Roger Tibbetts

​    Thoughts on Hyung Performance

Kwan Gi thoughts, author Roger Tibbetts

​    Thoughts on Kwan Gi

Bassai History, author Roger Tibbetts

​    Thoughts on Origin and Meaning of Bassai

Following the Ryu Pa, author Roger Tibbetts

​    Thoughts on Ryu Pa

Moo Pahl Dan Khum from Wasatch website

     Great article on Moo Pahl and related topics

Background of Chil Sung Hyung, from Wasatch website

​     History of Chil Sung hyungs

Moo Do Jaseh, by Jang, Dae Kyu, SBN

​     Article on Moo Do Jaseh

The How of the Sip Sam Seh, Wasatch Martial Arts website

     Give us some insight into how this Song came into our training as martial artists

Presidents Vision Tour 2014 Quiz and Brief History of the Moo Duk Kwan

The Art and the Founder, author Unknown

        Good article on KJN Hwang Kee and Soo Bahk Do

Tae-Kuk Ki, author D. K. Jang

         Thoughts on the national flag of the Republic of Korea

The Lost Alchemy, author Daniel Segarra

     Five Elements of Martial Arts applied to Choon Bi


Integrating Shim Gung, Neh Gung and Weh Gung into your Training, author World Moo Duk Kwan

Creating and Maintaining a Successful Moo Do DoJang, author H. C. Hwang

     The application of the Five Moo Do Values in establishing and maintaining a successful DoJang


Principles of Combat, author Roger Tibbetts

          Basic concepts of sparring


Um and Yang of Ki Hap, author Roger Tibbetts

         Thoughts on Ki Hap and Hap Ki

Muye Dobo Tongji, author Roger Tibbetts

         Thoughts on this ancient Korean Martial Arts book

Lateral Movement, author Roger Tibbetts

          Basic concepts of lateral movement in sparring

Belt Systems, author Roger Tibbetts

          Historical notes on Belt Ranking Systems.

New Basics Sparring

          Kwang Jang Nim Hwang Kee has expressed the importance in applying classical Soo Bahk Do techniques in sparring in order to differentiate ourselves from other martial arts.   These sparring combinations apply classical Soo Bahk Do techniques performed in the Chil Sung and Yuk Ro Hyungs.

Moo Do Ja Seh, author SBN D. K. Jang         

          Excellent article on he meaning of Soo Bahk Do​, DoJang, Do Bok and Moo Do Ja Seh

Another Spider Web

by Roger Tibbetts

The Learning Cup and the Empty Glass

by Roger Tibbetts

Martial Talk article on Yuk Ro Hyung names


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World Press article on Hyungs and 5 Moo Do Values

Opinion piece by Roger Tibbetts

Opinion piece by Roger Tibbetts, a personal journey in emptying my cup